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Quick Access To Everything

Other way to do the same is through run alias commands


If you are like me, probably you prefer to open Start → run and then type the name of the program and enter to access easy and quick to every kind of programs. For instance, if you do Start → run and type notepad, you will open the Windows notepad. Sometimes it is quicker than to find the program among the programs menu of the windows.

However, there are some programs that resist to this approximation. I've found that creating specialy crafted bat files could solve this issue.

The first point is to add to the PATH variable the folder “c:\program files”: you will locate there those batch files.

The second point is to put there the batch files. Here are some:

Launch the gimp

Call this program “gimp.bat” and voila! Whenever you type gimp in your “run” window, the gimp will open.

@start "Gimp" "C:\program files\GIMP-2.0\bin\gimp-2.6.exe"

Open a folder

@echo off
set destdir="X:\some\special and rare\and complex\path"
start "Explorer" "%windir%\explorer.exe" %destdir%
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