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Create a Remote Git Repository in Windows


You can find detailed instructions to create a remote git repository in windows using shared folders, but, to be honest, I found some of them strange, so I decided to write down my own ones. I humbly think they are shorter.

Create a shared folder per project you want to store

I've decided to create a put-them-all folder called git and inside it, a repository per project:

c:\shared resources> mkdir git
c:\shared resources> cd git
c:\shared resources\git> mkdir myproject

Initialize the remote repository

You have to do this per project: enter in the myproject folder and do a git init –bare:

c:\shared resources\git> cd myproject
c:\shared resources\git\myproject> git init --bare

Share the project

And then share the folder to someone you want. You have to replace the “PUT-AN-ALLOWED-USER-FOR-THE-SHARED-FOLDER” for an authorized user to see the content of the shared folder.

C:\> net share myproject="c:\shared resources\git\myproject" /grant:PUT-AN-ALLOWED-USER-FOR-THE-SHARED-FOLDER,change /unlimited

Pushing the project (instructions for eclipse)

Step one:

Right-click on your project, and…

Step two:


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