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Auto bootable Cd of antivirus

I must recognize that, when it comes to check for viruses the computer of a fellow, the idea of a bootable cd with the antivirus comes inmediatly to mind. The reason is obvious: a bootable cd can detect rootkits easily than a installed antivirus, because it hasn't have to deal with an operating system that tries to cheat the antivirus, hiding details of the virus (the list of processes or the list of files in a directory).

The easiest way to locate these disks is to make a search in google: just type “Avira rescue disk”, for instance to locate the rescue disks for Avira. The reason is that these files change their location frequently, and because it is advisable to have the latest version, you will end searching where the hell may be this time the rescue disk for this particular version.

Rescue Disks

** Panda Safe CD:

Bit Defender RescueCD -

Kaspersky RescueDisk -

Dr. Web Live-CD -

F-Secure RescueCD - actualización manual y automática

Avira Antivirus Rescue-System - actualización manual / automática

G-Data Boot CD - actualización automática

PC Tools' Alternate Operating System Scanner - actualización manual PC Tools - Alternate Operating System Scanner

VBA RescueCD - actualización automática

AVG RescueCD - actualización manual y automática CD: USB: ………………………………………….. ………………

Ojo que sólo pongo los que se pueden bajar gratuítamente desde las páginas de los desarrolladores.

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