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Configure an ODBC Data Source with no password request


When working with access, or whatever application, it's an annoying thing that everytime we open an Oracle linked table it request the password of the connection.

Moreover, if you try to make any sort of application (macro, visual basic, etc.), because this password is requested interactively, stops the application of working until a correct password is provided by the user.

I've discovered two ways to circunvent this issue.

First: use the oracle driver and provide the user and password in the user field

Ok, you have to go to ye old Data Source Administrator and begin to create a new Data Source by clicking the button “Add”:

Select the Oracle driver (you can download it from the Oracle website:

And, in the configuration of the data source, in the user ID field, provide 'user/password' separated with a slash (see image), like when connecting with ye old sqlplus:

And that's all: you will never have to provide a password when using this datasource. Easy, uh??

Second: edit the registry and provide the password in the appropiate field

All the datasource information is saved in the following registry folder:


But alas!!! there is a password or pwd field among the contens…. suspecting, isn't it??? I've never test it, but it deserves a try, and to this point is my saying: from this point you have to explore yourself.

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