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Jawbreaker Drone


This is a drone my son and I have been constructing. This is a page to keep track of the parts and important things to bear in mind during the construction.


4 motors: we bought this four that are the four counter clock wise, but the “wise” thing would be to buy 2 CCW and 2 CW

pack of proppelers

4 power controllers

LUX flight controller manual hereand here


FPV transmitter transmission specifications flow chart

antennae adapter cable

Receiver: Frsky XSR manual here and here. Obviously, this is only if your transmitter is FRSKY.

Lux racer

For the firmware update and configuration, I've tried the zadig drivers that describes the manual of the board, but I didn't achieve a good configuration. It appears “error connecting serial port”.

Searching on internet, I've discovered this silabs drivers and they worked fine: the error was gone. They worked well on Windows 10 64bits. Here is copy of the drivers.

For configurators (betaflight, cleanflight) the firmware I am using is “LUX2_RACE”.

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