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Some ideas I want to share with you

I firmly believe that ideas, per se doesn't worth anything. I am speaking of business ideas or new inventions. If you don't have the courage to make them real, they are worthless. Is in the process of putting those ideas when you have to spend money, energy and your personal willing. And that part is the biggest of them.

So this is why I want to write here down some ideas I have: if someone see this and want to use to make them a reality, that someone is welcome. If not, probably this ideas will remain as ideas for long time….

Prueba de estanqueidad de un reloj

Esto es algo que se me ocurrió un día, y he visto que se le ha ocurrido a mucha gente: hacer una máquina casera para verificar la estanqueidad de un reloj. Esta de este tutorial me parece muy buena.

No entiendo porqué cuando vas a una tienda de relojería a cambiar las pilas te sueltan eso de que no garantizan la estanqueidad, si con un poco de paciencia (y cobrando un plus, claro) podrían garantizarlo.

Weather Pole

The idea is simple, and probably it is made as a product: the objective is to query the weather in a particular area via SMS.

You have to have an embedded computer connected with a weather station that can gather information about winds, temperature or even rain and connected also to a GPRS modem. When the computer receives an sms, it answers back with the weather conditions that the sensors are measuring. The sms can contain special instructions to sends, for example, the maximum and minimums, averages temperatures during the last hours, or average force of the wind and speed.

This device can be installed in a pole with a solar panels in order to be completely autonomous.

This kind of tool will be perfect for surfers who want to know if there is wind his favourite beach: just send an sms to this device and it will answer with the weather conditions there. Or for hobbyst who want to run their knites or model planes in the outside: prior to going to the site, they can check if today are winds there or not.

Smart Number Expenser

Another idea around the use of cell phones: probably when you are going to the butcher, or the grocery, or the bank you have to wait in a long queue. In some places they have an automatic number expenser to give you a number.

The idea is to create an “smart number expenser”: in this device you can receive the usual paper ticket with the number or you can enter your mobile phone number. When your turn is near, the device will send an sms telling you so. Moreover, you can query the device to check what number do you have in order to see if you have go to the place or not.

I've seen a device like this in a travel agency in Valladolid: this device is a reality right now.

Auto-chargeable belt

I've seen that the belts of the policy and other security forces have a plethora of battery fueled devices: a walkie-talkie, a lanternt, etc. It would be a good idea to have a special belt that enalbe the charging of those devices with a single operation: just plug the belt into a power supply and that's it: all de devices would have their ration of power to charge.

In Europa this could be more nearer than in other countries, because we are starting of standarizing the chargers of the smart phones: this could lead to a wider use of these plugs for the charging of other devices, and a result, it become easier to have a powered belt that allow the charging of the devices attached to it easier.

Just an idea.

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