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-===== Downloading and creating the project ​=====+===== Conclusion ​=====
-==== Primefaces ====+After weeks of searching in internet, trying this thing and another, and going to and fro, I have reached the following conclusion: there is an example called "​moviecollection"​ in the primefaces website. It is an application built with the following elements: ​
-Point your browser to [[http://​]] and download the latest version ​of the product. ​+  * primefaces ​(of course!!!) 
 +  * facelets (instead of JSP for using Java Server Faces, it gives more power to the application) 
 +  * spring 
 +  * hibernate
-You should ​also download ​the following dependencies libraries: ​+So, why I should ​care about this, if somebody have show me the path??? ​
 +Thanks to the primefaces guys, you are the best!!!!
-==== Spring ==== 
-I've downloaded the latest version of Spring, 3.0.5 from [[http://​​download]]. 
-==== Hibernate ==== 
-===== Project creation ===== 
-In eclipse --Helios-- do the following: ​ 
-  - Create a Dynamic Web Project with the following data:  
-    - Target runtime: apache tomcat 7.0 
-    - All the data by default 
-  - In project properties, select "Java Build Path" and add "​Apache tomcat 7.0" 
-  - Copy the *.jar file under ''​WebContent/​WEB-INF/​lib/''​ and then click on refresh 
-  - Click on properties, build path, and then add the primefaces jar file 
-  -  
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